Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stella's Perceptions - Rajendra Bisessar

Here's a section of Rajendra Bisessar's column:
Recently, Kaieteur News columnist Stella Ramsaroop said she changed her opinion of the President because she saw news that there were flood waters in the town. Roy Paul, another columnist, not too long ago suggested that Stella lived abroad and thus could not be that knowledgeable of what transpires here. She responded that she reads all the news, the columns etc. and so is knowledgeable. Stella, Roy is to some extent correct, because as I and officials of the White House have suggested earlier, the news is usually negative and so are most of the columns as they rival each other to find any and everything in order to criticise the government. If we cannot find it, we spin it; we speculate and so it is impossible that, like in California and in other places, the flood can take place even though the government did what was possible to be done in the particular time with the available resources.

Caption, “Unlike in the past the flood waters in Georgetown receded quickly”; “Despite government's assistance to the City necessary works were not carried out”. But no, “Bharrat and his government failed, GT floods”; “Georgetown floods again, President insensitive to its needs”.

Stella, if you insist on getting your information from the columnists and from the newspapers then your understanding of what is happening here would be limited.

Your acceptance of the people vote race could also be misleading. Did Trotman and Ramjattan vote race when they voted for the PNC and PPP, respectively? Did I vote race?

Is it possible that Stella, in 2006, could say that it is necessary to advance evidence to support that both races vote race rather than accepting the assumption and using it as the only basis to analyse a very dynamic political situation?

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