Monday, January 23, 2006

Comments From Peeps

The following is from Peep's column in today's Kaieteur News. I sent Peeps the requested information. I hope he issues an apology.
Warning : Readers are forewarned that should you choose to be influenced by this column, you run the risk of suffering from congenital malfunctioning of your powers of reasoning. Read on therefore at the risk of your mental health.

This newspaper has a policy of not interfering with the opinions of columnists, except in the case of incitement to violence, race hate, slander, libel and misrepresentation of facts -- the latter of which is sometimes as obvious as the causes of the high waters in the Mahaicony basin -- none of which are permissible for publication.

Without attempting to dictate the views of anyone, the editor has always reserved the right to ensure that misrepresentations of facts do not take place, and when detected, suitable corrections made.

An example was when the Peeper stated, based on information received, that Rajendra Bisessar was an adviser to the President. The fact is that Bisessar is not an adviser to the President and therefore had an ethical duty as a columnist in this newspaper to bring this fact to the attention of the readers, so as not to allow them to be misled by the Peeper. Bisessar, however, for reasons that only he knew best, did not seek to make the correction of this important issue and because the editors felt that something as important as this should not have gone uncorrected, he was brought to book.

Out of a similar obligation I must this week ask sweet and adorable Stella to verify that one of my fans, David Jenkins, did apologize to her. Jenkins has forwarded to my mailbox, an exchange of correspondence between himself and sweet and adorable Stella's better half, and from my reading of the exchanges I could find no mention of any apology from David Jenkins nor did I detect any sexist resentment on his part.

And I certainly did not infer from what I read that Jenkins did not like the fact that a woman is being allowed to speak her mind.

As a matter of background, readers are informed that Mr. Jenkins had taken offence to Stella's reference to some politicians as wimps, jellyfish and possessing egos that sometimes get the better of them.

Jenkins then issued a two part challenge to Stella, one of which was to publish a recent photograph of herself and the second to come to Guyana six months before the elections and stay at least three months after.

Stella's response in these pages was very upsetting to Jenkins -- he even at one stage was contemplating giving up on Guyana -- and he asked that Peeper compare what Stella wrote about him to his email exchanges with her better half.

In order to put this matter to rest and in order to satisfy Jenkins and readers that Stella would not claim that he made an apology unless he did, I am asking the sweet and adorable lady to forward to my mailbox the exchange of correspondence where Jenkins apologized and where he took umbrage that a woman should speak her mind.

From the correspondence sent to me by Jenkins, I can find no mention of an apology. Looking forward to hearing from you, Sweet and Adorable.

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