Monday, January 30, 2006

A most disillusioned robbery victim - KN Letter To The Editor

Here is a touching letter, published in Kaieteur News today
A most disillusioned robbery victim

Dear Editor,

I wish to register my profound disappointment and frustration at the state of affairs of this country. My business, GAIN-MART, was robbed on 24/01/06 at approximately 20:00hrs by four armed bandits who in the process took all of our money, jewellery and other valuables.

We were severely beaten and along with our two children, ages seven and two, were all traumatized beyond explanation.

I had to undergo a brain scan for injuries to my head at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital at a cost of $25,000, plus pay other fees for doctors and drugs.

I guessed we were not shot because we complied and as one of the bandits who were confronted by my seven-year-old son said to his accomplice as they were about to leave, “Let's go. We have enough”.

In retrospect I wondered if bandits can be satisfied. On the night of the robbery the police responded rather quickly, but that was all.

To date (29/01/06) a proper statement has not been taken.

I visited the Sparendaam Police Station on three separate occasions at the request of the police there, but every time I went there they seemed overwhelmed with work and disorganised and could not take my report.

How will this case ever be solved if the details are not taken?

Perhaps I am naïve to believe that this case will ever be solved. Is it fair for me to go again to the police? I hardly think so.

Apart from giving vital information to the police I also require a police report to take to GT&T to claim a refund for stolen phone cards.

After the robbery, we contacted all three major newspapers. Both SN and Kaieteur News carried initial stories the following day, while KN followed up with a more detailed report. The SN reporter had promised to do a detail report the next day but did not show. Nevertheless I wish to thank both of these newspapers for the coverage they have given to this case.

The Guyana Chronicle was a gross disappointment. They were contacted on four separate occasions.

On the fourth occasion I spoke with a male reporter and told him that I was of the opinion that the “Chronicle” did not want to carry our story because it would make the PPP look bad.

He responded that they were aware of the story but it was the Editor's call.

I went on to tell him that both my spouse and I were supporters of the PPP and further, that our grandparents and parents were/are “Jaganites”. My children were supposed to grow to become “Jagdeoknights”.

I explained further that we were strong supporters of the Guyana Chronicle, placing weekly classified ads with them.

We had never done Ads with either KN of SN. Despite all of this the Chronicle did not carry our story.

Customer loyalty which is so crucial in business today will now be taken into consideration in the placement of future Ads.

Henceforth, one less “Chronicle” will be sold everyday or perhaps more than one. The support we have received from family, friends and customers both locally and overseas tells me now that both KN & SN are widely read newspapers.

In the fight against terror perpetrated on people and property of the USA, the US President George W. Bush has quite admirably declared war against the terrorist. He has taken it personally upon himself to ensure that his people, the Americans, are safe and protected at all or any cost. The parallel for us in Guyana is quite the opposite.

President Jagdeo has failed or seems reluctant to want to mirror President Bush's approach despite the continued brutality being unleashed on his supporters. Everyday it's the same story: different families, predominantly supporters of the PPP and Indian Guyanese. It is a myth that such activities make the support base of the PPP stronger because in our case it will certainly have a negative effect, which will be further expanded by our other relatives and friends.

My humble advice to President Jagdeo is to declare war immediately on these terrorists, failing which Guyana will be accelerated into a failed state.

Our Home Affairs Minister is most inconspicuous as crime continues unabated. Such is the behaviour of the PPP towards its known supporters.

Let it be known that I am in no way seeking to have sympathy. I simply wish to highlight our plight which is quite possibly the same experienced by other victims.

At the rate at which we are proceeding it is my belief that Guyana will commence on the road to development in a little more than ten decades or so from now. I doubt if my children or self will be allowed to make a meaningful contribution; such is the level of my confidence at this time.

In view of the foregoing, I am certainly not impressed by the efforts of those responsible for the safety and security of the productive citizens of this country.

By the way Mr. Editor, could you or any one suggest a suitable source who could offer some form of treatment for my traumatized children? They have not quite been the same since. Please contact me on telephone 222-3488.

Lalta Gainda
My Response

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