Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stella Says…Guyana is no place for political wimps

by Stella Ramsaroop

(Originally published in the Kaieteur News on 05 Jan 2006)

I am so disappointed in the AFC and the GTF lately. I am frustrated that they could not put aside their personal agendas, personality conflicts and minor political differences to come together as one entity for the good of Guyana. I know of many who are even frustrated with the fact that they launched as two separate groups when we all expected one united third force party.

Last summer Peter Ramsaroop said he wanted to help form a group that would bring together the brightest minds in the country to help bring change to Guyana. Many other leaders also echoed this statement. Well, it seems as if the brightest minds in the country also have the biggest egos.

Is the GTF truly falling apart as reported by Freddie a few weeks ago? If so, is it because these brilliant minds cannot resolve their minor differences? Or is it because they all want to be the top dog? How sad that these intelligent men could not put aside their egos long enough to do what is best for Guyana. The GTF owes the people an explanation, but it seems they are all on an extended vacation instead.

So what we have is a bunch of political wimps who want the stand in the limelight of political adoration under the pretence of wanting to help the people of Guyana, but they do not have what it takes to go the distance. I am so tired of jellyfish politicians who toy with the people just so they can have their names in the papers on a regular basis. Get a spine and do something right for a change!

Where are the men and women who have genuine hearts and the backbone to truly challenge the PPP? What is next? Will the PNC cave too? Is Corbin going to step aside and let Jagdeo have his way with the elections like he has had his way with the country for years now? If so, we should just build a castle and institute Jagdeo as the King of Guyana because there is no one left with the will to fight for the people.

I have had some serious issues with the way the AFC has conducted itself in the last few months. However, if they are the only ones who will step up and take on the haughty PPP, then for the sake of democracy I say, woohoo!

Has anyone truly considered the ramifications of an election that is swept by the PPP? It has been so difficult to stave off the communist whip in the last year, imagine what it would be like if the PPP took any more control of the country than it has already secured?

I have been a long-standing socialist for many reasons. However, there is a significant difference between socialism and communism. The most important difference is that most communist governments impose rules on society without feeling a need to explain itself to the people.

For example, when the PPP does not let anyone know what is going on with the development projects being built for the World Cup, it steps outside of its democratic responsibility to the people. We do not know who has been awarded contracts or how much those contracts are worth because the PPP feels it is exempt from this type of accountability.

Further, I have come to believe there is some merit to certain capitalistic notions. It is obvious to me that many capitalist societies have made a good life for themselves. It is difficult to portion out community money when the community has no money to portion. So if a free market can bring in the money, then perhaps certain socialist principles can then help to distribute the gains.

Latin and South America continue to slowly inch to the left. However, is it making a difference for the people or is it just doing what communism is famous for – padding the accounts of the leaders? There are many in Venezuela who feel the poor are poorer than when Chavez took office and that democracy is now dead in their country. Is this what we will be saying about Guyana in two years?

Certainly the poor in Guyana are still poor, yet the leaders are living quite well. This is Communism at work. If it were Socialism, those nice homes of the politicians would never have been built because the money would have been distributed throughout the nation. I bet the cost of one of those houses would have gone a long way to cleaning up the canals and repairing the aging drainage system.

The beauty of democracy is that it neutralises the extremist elements from the various parties. I cannot think of what the Bush Administration would have done since it took office if the Democrats were not there to watch their every step. Look what it has done with the Democrats watching! Likewise, what will happen if the PPP is allowed to run amuck without accountability?

Guyanese politics is no place for the power hungry, the egomaniacs or the wimp. Guyana needs leaders who will put aside their own agendas and work hand-in-hand with their counterparts to build a bright future for the people. This nation has had its share of selfish egotists and jellyfish leaders. Now it needs some strong men and women with integrity and compassion for the people.

The question is this – should we start building Jagdeo's castle now? Or are there some leaders left who have what it takes to neutralise the extremist elements of the PPP?

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