Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Columnist has about-face in defending homosexuality - A. Singh

Here are portions of a letter from today's Kaieteur News in response to my recent column on homosexuality and discrimination:

Columnist has about-face in defending homosexuality

Dear Editor,

I feel compelled to add my two cents, having read the article in the Kaieteur News dated 5th June, 06 by columnist Stella Ramsaroop: Roger Williams, homosexuals are just as human as you and me.

We are living in the last days, times when men are trying to change the standards and moral codes that have been set down centuries ago by God.

God is Holy and just, and will not change, neither will His standards adapt to meet the imaginary progressiveness of the 21st century.

The so-called “new morality” professes to restate codes of conduct in the light of modern knowledge and science, when in actuality it returns to the morality of Rom 1:18, 24,28; instead of progress, it is retrogression.

The new morality code says that sex is an expression of love and should not be prohibited or curtailed; homosexuality is an expression of love between members of the same sex, and therefore should be legalised in order to let people express themselves to one another in a way that seems the most natural.

What utter and reprehensible nonsense!

In the name of compassion, the new morality condones adultery, fornication, etc. Widespread promiscuity could lead to an epidemic of STD.

Mr. Williams' call for a boycott was indeed extreme, but our mission or mandate as Christians is to renounce the 17 works of the flesh enumerated in Gal 5: 19 –21 and to bear the nine-fold fruits of Gal 5:22,23. Ms Ramsaroop said she had a working knowledge of how a Christian feels about homosexuals. This is not a feeling by Christians; it is an immorality condemn by God. Rom 1:27; 28. It is not about being human or reptile; it is about the conduct that precedes that gender.

The word ‘Immorality' does not appear in the scriptures,but it has two basic meanings in modern usage: (1) Sexual impurity and (2) Deceit and falsehood.

Sexual sin – Adultery Ex 20:14, Fornication Acts 15:20, Effeminate 1Cor 6:9, Masturbation 1Cor 6:9, Whoremonger Eph 5:5, Inordinate affection Col 3:5, Homosexual Rom 1: 27, Gen 19:5, Lesbian Rom 1:27, Lewdness Judg 20:6, Nakedness Ex 32:25, Divorce John 4:17,18, Evil Concupiscence Col 3:5

Deceit and Falsehood – Cheating Amos 8:5, Dishonesty 2Cor 4:2, Bribery Job 15:34, Gambling Luke 15:13, Corruption 2 Peter 2:9, Extortion 1Cor 6:10, Fraud Jas 5:4, Slothfulness Rom 12:11

I am in utter shock and dismay at this columnist.... Now, Stella, you must have had a really bad experience with God (which I doubt) to have penned such an article. You were responsible for many coming to know the Lord thru your and your husband's unselfish missionary work.

The many years on the mission field was surely no easy work; yet you went out there and preached the word of Hope to many lost souls. What has become of that message of hope?

The comparisons shared is not to be compared, since immorality has to do with that of the heart, you, the individual, and then the infecting of society, The case of trafficking in persons (children) has to be dealt with by the state, and there is a law in place to deal with that, and so with the case of the Stepfather that is a case for the judicial system and the mother…homosexuality and those cases bear no comparison.

Mr. Roger Williams, keep doing the work Christ called you to do. As Christians our message remains the same. We preach: “Holiness without which no Man shall see God”

This Gospel must resound until everyone has heard.

A. Singh

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