Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Boycott SASOD's latest endeavour - Roger Williams

Here's a letter in today's Kaieteur News that warrants a response:

Boycott SASOD's latest endeavour

Dear Editor,

All Christians should now actively boycott the Sidewalk Cafe for accommodating SASOD's latest endeavour into lawlessness (the second year in a row) and actively petition the Crime Chief to do his job.

There are good and valid legal, moral and social reasons why radio programmes at NCN sponsored by SASOD and Vidyaratha Kissoon, exhibitions regarding the homosexual lifestyle at the National Library and “film festivals” at the Sidewalk Cafe, should not be allowed. Some of these are listed below.

Further, Kaieteur News should not accommodate SASOD with press releases.

1. Guyana 's criminal law prohibits same-sex relationships and intercourse … for good moral and medical reasons.

This includes offences in relation to sexual activity between males, such as s. 351 (gross indecency between males), s. 352 (attempted buggery), s. 353 (buggery) of the Criminal Law (Offences) Act, Chapter 8:01, and offences in relation to prostitution, such as s. 356 of Chapter 8:01 and s. 165 of Chapter 8:02 (keeping a common bawdy house) and s. 166 of 8:02 (loitering for the purposes of prostitution).

Labouring under “sexual orientation”, the “film festival”, “exhibition” and “radio programme” represented nothing more than a recruitment drive for homosexual activity.

Yet we have an organisation, SASOD, which challenges each of these existing laws with impunity with its “offerings” … while the police do nothing. This is unacceptable.

Has the Censor Board passed these “films” for their pornographic content? And why is Bibi Shadeek so silent, given the implications for the entrapment and trafficking in children?

2. See the URL www.guyanacaribbean for an initial critique of Arif Bulkan's “National Assessment of HIV/AIDS, Law, Ethics and Human Rights in Guyana ”.

This also addresses “sexual-orientation” paradoxes as outlined by Roger Magnuson. These have not been addressed by SASOD, or the media.

3. Arif Bulkan's “National Assessment of HIV/AIDS, Law, Ethics and Human Rights in Guyana” ignores the evidence in law reviews that homosexual and bisexual activities are medically, socially and personally destructive, and that defence of these behaviours have usually meant that detractors are silenced, and that statistical, medical, legal and academic/research evidence are simply ignored.

Roger Williams

Editor's note:

In the interest of free speech, Kaieteur News is willing to accommodate the publication of the opinions of any group provided these views are within the boundaries of libel, fall within reasonable boundaries of decency and do not incite hatred or violence.
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