Monday, July 25, 2005

My Groove Is Fully Intact, Mr. Kissoon

Mr. Kissoon, This Letter is About You

I did not want you to fret about my groove, so I felt obliged to let you know that it is still fully intact. Also, there are some other pesky little issues we need to clear up as well.

Firstly, allow me to dispense with the formalities of manners. I want to offer my condolences to you, dear Mr. Kissoon. You mentioned that dabbling in Guyanese politics might cause one to lose their marbles – and it is more than obvious from your response to my letter that you have been dabbling for quite some time since yours appear to be all but gone as well. Again, my condolences to you and yours.

That said; I would like to point out the obvious. You went on and on in your response to my letter about how I took shots at you and Kaieteur News. However, if you read my letter closely, you will find I never once mentioned either of the two. I never even hinted or provide any promising inclinations that would allow you to come to such a conclusion.

I’m not sure if you are just a bit jumpy, what with all the suits flying around, or if you are also plagued with bouts of narcissism that causes you think everything is about you. Either way, your conclusion to my letter is still wrong.

In fact, the primary point was to express my extreme dismay of a newspaper being sued by a president. I am a firm believer in the freedom of the press and would fight tooth and nail to ensure its continued independence from government interference. I honestly had no thoughts of any suit concerning you or Kaieteur News. In fact, I thought as journalists you and your co-workers would appreciate my stance on the freedom of the press.

As a side, and because the subject warranted explanation, I addressed Mr. Ram’s freedom of expression and his letter. I do believe in his right to free expression and said as much. What I did not say was that he “has a greater right to his opinion” than you – which you accused me of doing in your column.

In fact, your name was never mentioned once in my letter because I did not place any connection between the President’s suit against SN and Mr. Ram’s suit against you. I was solely on a tirade about his Excellency’s slight to democracy and you just didn’t play a part in that.

I hope I haven’t disappointed you too much. Although my first letter had nothing whatsoever to do with you, this one is all about you. That should make you happy. I really did appreciate the song - you are so very sweet. And the movie review was simply riveting. If nothing else, your column was entertaining.

Just for fun, and to show you that I bear not ill will, I even considered some word play by injecting clever little comments about Freddie Kruger and how I could be your nightmare on Elm Street. However, I’m just not that witty and I figured with all your marbles gone you might think I was being mean to you again.

It is easy to see how someone as sensitive as you would not do well in politics. It really does take a thick skin to deal with all of those brass politicians. You seem to be more of a poet type who enjoys a good song and a steamy movie. However, as you pointed out, I personally find my groove in politics.

While I appreciate your advice to steer clear of the nastiness of Guyanese politics, I must confess that I’m having way too much fun with all the merriment of the songs, soldering and sarcasm to stop now – not to mention my cheeky little tendency for doing the exact opposite of what I am told.

Your concern for me is touching, but my groove is still fully intact and I think it is high time a woman tossed in her two cents about the state of Guyana. Perhaps a womanly touch, especially a woman with a groove, can help everyone else find their marbles – even you, Dear Mr. Kissoon.

- Stella Ramsaroop

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