Monday, August 01, 2005

Beware of Stella, Freddie - Lloyd Marshall

This letter by Lloyd Marshall was published in the Kaieteur News.

Beware of Stella, Freddie

Dear Editor,

The letter entitled “My groove is fully intact Mr. Kissoon”, which was written by Stella Ramsaroop and appeared in your issue of Tuesday July 26, is a literary gem. It is rife with sardonic humour but at the same time compelling in substance.

Stella Ramsaroop's letter prompted me to locate and read the article by Freddie Kissoon which provoked this brilliant response. In the unlikely event that I should arrogate to myself the title of Social Commentator, I would be very cautious about engaging Ms. Ramsaroop in a literary exchange.

Incidentally Mr. Kissoon, the calypso about the Trinidadian Stella was sung by Lord Nelson and not the Mighty Duke.

Lloyd Marshall

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