Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stella Says…Why is Freddie acting like the PPP?

by Stella Ramsaroop

(Originally published in Guyana's Kaieteur News on 11 July 2006)

I try so hard to behave myself and I try to be a good girl. Really I do. But sometimes the mischievous side of me wins and that devilish tendency to stir things up a bit wins out over any desire I have to be good. Today is one such day.

Things are going fine at Kaieteur News and most of the columnists are getting along swimmingly for a change. Well, there is a little spat going on between Adam Harris and Peeping Tom. Other than that though, we are all one big happy family. I know I should just let things be and enjoy the peace and quiet for while, but what fun is that?

I think maybe its high time to stick my pitchfork in the backside of one of my fellow columnists. Give me a second while I adjust my devilish grin to seem more beatific and I will get to my point. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with the lack of attention Freddie has given to the Roger Khan saga.

As I wrote in my column from last Sunday, it took me a while to write on the Khan issue because I did not feel I understood it well enough to write about it. However, I cannot help but wonder why some of my fellow columnists, who have a far better understanding of this situation than I do, have not really addressed the issue.

How is it that almost every Guyanese seems to have a myriad of opinions to share on the whole Khan situation, yet our precious Freddie – a man who has an opinion on everything – has no opinion on this weighty matter? Is the mighty Frederick Kissoon losing his edge?

To be fair, there was one column from our dear Freddie on the outlandish way the US whisked Roger Khan off to New York to face drug charges. However, this is a topic that no other Guyanese can stop talking about – so why is it that our beloved KN columnist has clammed up just like the PPP?

Could it be that our dear Sweet and Sensitive Freddie is afraid of what the mighty US might think if he says a cross word or two against them? Oh silly Freddie, I've been writing scathing articles about the Bush Administration from the first day it began publicly contemplating an unprovoked attack on Iraq and they haven't come and to drag me away yet. However, if my column goes missing for longer than a week – somebody should probably start asking some questions concerning my whereabouts.

Moreover, our dear Freddie – champion of the people and political guru – suggested last Friday that we should all just move on from this story that happened less than three weeks ago, yet he had no problem touching on the UG scandal again this past week although it happened nearly a year ago. I do not fault him for this at all. I just want to know what he really thinks about Khan.

Come on now Freddie, you know the score. Journalists are supposed to write about timely issues. You're a columnist and therefore expected to write about what the issues the people care about. We both know the one story on everyone's mind right now is Roger Khan. This is the hot story Freddie, but why are you backing away from the fire?

Maybe you're getting soft in your old age Freddie and can't handle these hardcore stories anymore. Have you finally lost the last of your marbles? Or worse, perhaps you have lost what little groove you had in the first place!

This is tragic indeed. We should institute today as a national day of mourning and lament the loss of our champion. Well, that is unless Freddie can come through and prove he can still get his groove on. Dear friend, for the sake of the country, I will even help you along with some benign questions (I'm trying really hard to adjust that devilish grin right now).

Freddie, what do you think about Roger Khan? Was he a hero or a zero? Is this whole saga justice in action or politics in action? Why do you think the PPP has taken a hands-off approach to the "kidnapping" of a citizen of Guyana?

Oh sure, Janet Jagan had some strong words regarding the US in the Mirror last Sunday, but what good will that do Khan in New York while the Jagdeo Administration sits on its hands in their make-believe world?

Let me get back on track. Freddie, is Guyana better off with Khan gone and in jail in a land far, far away? Or will the whole country now go down the drain with him gone? Is there any hope of restoring justice and proper law enforcement in Guyana or should we expect "unofficial" extra-judicial acts to continue?

Most of all though, I want to know why you are acting like the PPP and not giving this issue the attention it deserves. If I come and help you find your marbles, will you answer my questions dear Freddie?

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