Wednesday, July 19, 2006

AFC Davids facing the Goliaths - George Carrington

Here's a letter that was recently published in Kaieteur News:
Dear Editor,

In response to that article which was captioned: “Stella says can the AFC deliver?” (Kaieteur News 17-06-06).

Well, Stella (first, it's nice meeting you) a pregnant woman would have to allow a midwife to deliver her in order to know whether that midwife can deliver. Deliver is used equivocally or in a double meaning.

Anyway, to deliver is to deliver. The AFC has the key to deliver and two meanings of key are: (1) means of advance, access, etc. (2) solution, which means solving or means of solving a problem.

The AFC has noted the continuous problems of Guyana , which the two major parties have been struggling and are still trying to solve over the years.

Out of this the AFC has put together potentially workable solutions.

The writer cautioned against rashly putting the AFC into power without first determining whether that baby party (as she conceived it) was up for the job.

The job is big, but appropriately I wish to recall the biblical fact of little David, a mere baby in contrast to Goliath, who aimed and struck him at the right place with a stone from his sling, and Goliath toppled! The AFC is aiming at the right spots of the social, racial, political and economic – to name a few – problems of Guyana in order to solve them. In addition, little Boy Blue can blow a big horn, but he has to know how.

The baby party may know how to deliver for Guyana , evidently impregnated with problems.

“But to take over the leadership of an already established nation, with previous problems, is a task that is most times beyond even the well intentioned leaders.”

Positively and optimistically these established problems are a task within the ability of the young energetic leaders of the AFC, coupled with their intelligence. The AFC would take the bull by its horns.

“Does the new party finally have the right type of leaders to help Guyana recover from a long history of problematic leadership?” the writer queried.

Problematic leadership arises from how leaders lead. If the leaders of the new party are not (a) egoistic; (b) not bent towards achieving personal ambitions; (c) not inclined towards self-aggrandisement, not scape-goating fellow leaders; (d) not tending to monopolise authority; (e) leading by example; (f) not indulging in double standards; (g) respecting fellow leaders; (h) not inefficient, then they can help Guyana recover from a long history of problematic leadership.

George Carrington

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