Thursday, February 23, 2006

What is the matter with Stella Ramsaroop? - Kinda Velloza-Monkhouse

A letter in today's Kaieteur News:

Dear Editor,

Can you or anybody tell me what is the matter with Stella Ramsaroop?

It seems as though she has nothing educational or interesting to write about, so she sees it fit to make personal attacks against persons who have read her columns and made contact with her and of course the other KN columnists.

The way she personally attacks Robert Persaud (Mr. MBA) and other columnists is quite unprofessional and seems as though the situation has became a hobby of hers.

Look at professionalism; look at what situations are being addressed in Mr. Persaud's articles, issues that are of mere interest to us Guyanese; read the Peeping Tom column.

I really enjoyed his column in the Friday edition of the KN under the headline of “Ring… Ring”; it was nothing but the truth. But again, Stella wouldn't be aware of the situation, since cellular phones are banned in most of America 's public institutions.

But sometimes I feel as though Stella cannot be blamed since in fact she does not live in Guyana and just probably has to go with whatever she reads on the internet.

She laughed out at Mr. Persaud's article “It's the Vision.” Well, I can fairly say I share his views and at least someone has a vision for our country.

Believe me when I say that I travel in public transportation and have the opportunity of hearing people talk down Guyana , saying that they hope that one day they can actually sit on a plane and wave goodbye.

Think about it, Mr. Persaud can do better off with his MBA tagline, as Stella calls it in other countries, but instead he chooses to stay here to share his vision on how he can improve our country.

Stella cannot share that vision, being away and seems to be filled with hate and less solutions for Guyana. As my mother always says, “who feels it, knows it”.

By the way Stella, I do not need your recipe on how to make chocolate chip cookies nor cheese cakes. I happen to be Guyanese by birth and those are not our favourite foods. But we can teach you how to make sugar cakes and tamarind balls.

Kinda Velloza-Monkhouse


  1. Anonymous10:03 pm

    well stella i really don't no much about u but at least one thing u don't do is tek away people man and trick them into marriage.

  2. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Well done Kinda. I applaud as another young Guyanese. I wonder if the person who made that first comment ever read a newspaper.My God; some people are realy idle.

  3. Anonymous1:49 pm

    This is directed to the person who made the nasty comment about "tek away people man and trick them into marriage."

    Nobody owns another person. A man is not a toy or object. He has a mind of his own and if he wants to leave his wife for someone else he is free to do so as a thinking person.

    Anyone over 18 yrs old is entitled to make his own decisions and no one else should do the thinking for him.

    In Stella's defence, she is not responsible for him leaving his wife. As always, there is usually a problem in the marriage well before the "other woman" comes along. The man finds a reason to leave when the "right" woman comes along at the "right time."


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