Friday, July 13, 2007

Stella Says…Not even the PPP can make Freddie Kissoon irrelevant

by Stella Ramsaroop

(Originally published in Guyana's Kaieteur News on 13 July 2007)

It is more than just a little amusing that the letter pages of Thursday’s Daily Chronicle was heavily laden with remarks about the ads fight (between Stabroek News and the government) and comments demanding Freddie show the nation his academic competence by producing any papers he has written during his time at the University of Guyana [UG].

The PPP has gone off the deep end this time. Seriously now, to call into question Freddie Kissoon’s capacity to teach at UG is simply ludicrous. Does the government really believe it has so many people left in the country (who have yet migrated) who are more qualified than Freddie to teach at UG?

Even if we put the brain drain issue aside, just a weeks worth of Freddie’s more rigorous columns could easily be assembled for a paper that would be over the heads of many in the Jagdeo administration. There is not one person in Guyana who reads Freddie’s column that could not admit that a good portion of his work borders on pure genius.

What is the president hoping to accomplish through this witch-hunt? Is he looking to relieve Freddie of his duties at UG? Surely even the president realises this would not be in the best interest of the nation. That is assuming the president is still looking out for the best interest of the nation.

Perhaps this whole fiasco is the government’s way of trying to undermine Freddie’s credibility. If this is the case, they are fighting a lost cause as Freddie’s brilliance is in black in white every single day for the world to see. Not even the PPP propaganda machine can unseat Freddie from his position as the foremost political analyst in Guyanese history.

It is my opinion that this is more about shutting down any true opposition to the government. The PPP is not accustomed to being put on the spot by any real opposition because the PNC just crawls in its hole after each election and hides from the world.

Robert Corbin’s attempt this week to look strong by protesting the actions concerning the government’s judicial appointments is laughable. It is like watching a skinny fellow flex his nonexistent muscles as he tries to impress a lady. Everyone knows Corbin is just blowing hot air and no one really takes him seriously when he pulls stunts like this.

This long-time opposition party of Guyana has become as so irrelevant on the political landscape that even the PPP knows they have removed all the teeth from their opposition. The PNC is now all bark and no bite. Moreover, the AFC is often MIA, which leaves the PPP with no real opposition save us “sleaze balls” in the media.

The biggest “sleaze ball” of all is Freddie. He makes life difficult for those in the PPP who otherwise enjoys a charmed existence of passivity from the people – even if the sky is falling. How great would it be to make Freddie irrelevant too? Then the government could really have some fun.

However, I do not think the government should underestimate Freddie’s drive to see Guyana succeed. When the nation’s politicians have thrown in their towels, when the people have settled for incompetence, even when most of the media runs from the truth instead of giving it to the people on a silver platter – Freddie continues to fight for Guyana.

This is what Jagdeo and his cronies should understand, they will be but a glitch in Guyana’s history in thirty years time, but Freddie will be a hero. He is the embodiment of hope for this country. He is the last vestige of faith when all faith has been lost.

The PPP is making the biggest mistake of its existence (and they have made a lot) by trying to marginalise Freddie because he carries inside him the conviction that everyone in the nation clings to during these dark days. When everyone else gives up, Freddie still stands.

I do not know what the PPP hopes to accomplish from their smear campaign against Freddie, but I can see it blowing up in their face already – and as usual, they are clueless. Good. I cannot wait to see how this ends.

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