Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stella Says…Introducing new Guyanese phrases, 21st Century Edition

by Stella Ramsaroop

(Originally published in Guyana's Kaieteur News on 21 November 2006)

With a lot of help from Webster Dictionary and a little help from the AFC’s columns, I will introduce the newest phrases used in Guyanese political speak to help the readers to disseminate what the hell we are all talking about.

Ramotarian Dialect: As defined by an AFC column, is language that “shrouds out reason and truth for the grander glorification of the [PPP/C] Party and its leaders.” For further clarification, Ramotarian Dialect is used to create a false or misleading impression, which is considered morally appropriate as long as the PPP/C appears to genuinely care about the well being of the nation and its citizens.

In fact, Khemraj Ramjattan accused this columnist of Ramotarian Dialect because I chose to tangled with a few sensitive issues plaguing the AFC. I do not believe he knew the full definition of the phrase at the time, but his most recent column proves that he now has a firm grasp on its meaning.

Use of phrase in context – Ramjattan to Stella Ramsaroop on November 9, “The earlier you start to appreciate and discover these distinctions, the better prepared will you be to avoid the Ramoutarian dialectic, which clouds out sense, disseminates nonsense, and is the reason for so much unreason.”

Persaudian Hyperbole: Extravagant exaggeration that represents something as much greater or less, better or worse, or more intense than it really is or that depicts the impossible as actual, especially as it pertains to the actions and intentions of the PPP/C.

When a person uses Persaudian Hyperbole, there is an element of exaggeration that far surpasses normal everyday usage when making a strong point in debate. This style of argument reaches beyond tall stories to the point of mere fantasy, perhaps compensating for other shortcomings.

In fact, we may soon learn that Guyana is now the leading exporter of agricultural products in the entire known universe.

Use of the phrase in context - In typical Persaudian Hyperbole, Smart and Sharp Robert Persaud, MBA declared that the PPP/C has “ultra democratic tendencies” despite the radical communism practiced by party leadership, the party’s refusal to privatise state controlled media and allow non-government controlled radio stations and despite the fact that Guyanese are now being granted political asylum by Canada to protect them from government persecution.

Ramsaroopian Grandstanding: To play to spectators or to an audience: act or conduct oneself with a view to impressing onlookers by writing controversial columns, letters to the editor, placing divisive ads in the dailies and doing whatever it takes to get into the limelight.

A Ramsaroopian Grandstander enjoys being in the public eye regardless of the method by which the attention is received. It does not matter if the Ramsaroopian Grandstander receives bad press or good press, as long as the world knows this person exists.

Use of the phrase in context - Eric Phillips has been Ramsaroopian Grandstanding as he tries to gain control of the ACDA and possibly the PNC to position himself for a presidential run in 2011. Peter Ramsaroop himself has been off the radar lately, but I am sure he would not disappoint us by staying out of sight for too long. Lucky us.

Roheean Ranting: Wordy, drawn-out and tediously long in speaking or writing with a distinct omission of rational thought and without making the intended point.

Many pro-PPP/C letter writers employ Roheean Rantings as they attempt to convince the nation and the world that their party is in fact competent. On November 14, John Da Silva sent a Roheean Ranting to Kaieteur News in the form of a letter to the Editor entitled, “The PPP has a credible record.”

I have often wondered if there are training sessions at Freedom House on Roheean Rantings. I have also wondered if many of the reporters from The Chronicle have graduated from this class.

Use of phrase in context – Stabroek News is asking readers who send letters to the Editor to please refrain from Roheean Rantings if they wish for their letters to be considered for publication. The statement placed in the newspaper’s Saturday edition said, “We have asked our letter writers on several occasions to keep their letters as short as possible. Recently some very long letters have been submitted. We repeat that in any other newspaper we are familiar with these would not be considered for publication.”

Guyana political speak grows exponentially on a daily basis and I promise to do my best to keep you updated as often as possible.

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