Friday, September 15, 2006

Stella Says…Who is running the PPP/C and country?

by Stella Ramsaroop

(Originally published in Guyana's Kaieteur News on 14 September 2006)

Some believe Janet Jagan is still in control of the governing party and therefore, in control of the country. Others, like Peeping Tom, believe President Jagdeo is the one calling the shots now. The one thing we all know for sure is that Moses Nagamootoo does not have a say at all anymore.

So who is running the country? Does Granny still pull the strings from behind the door of Freedom House? Or is Jagdeo bent on creating a legacy for himself that will surpass even that of Cheddi Jagan and is ridding himself of the old guard?

I have heard very convincing arguments from both sides of the spectrum and I cannot help but think there are others who are wondering about this as well. Those on both sides of this coin are also very adamant about their position.

This column is going to be packed full of questions. Of course, I am no more equipped to answer many of these questions than anyone else outside of Freedom House. In fact, I am not sure even those appointed to their new Cabinet positions know the real answer to these queries.

Yet still, the question of whom is controlling of the country must be asked because it is in the answer that we will find the course by which Guyana will have no other choice but to follow for the next five years.

For example, if Peeping Tom is right and Jagdeo is truly in charge now, it would mean the President is the one who gave Nagamootoo a cold shoulder. If this were the case, the next obvious question would be why? Why not keep Moses around since the people love him so much? Or maybe the answer to the last question is in the question itself.

I suppose another very important question is that if Jagdeo really is in charge now, why do people still want to believe that it is Granny who still controls the PPP? Perhaps the reason for this immovable stance is nostalgic or maybe it is fear of change.

Or perhaps people in general are afraid to think of what will become of Guyana if one man really does have too much power again and would rather believe there is an old lady with a familiar face watching over them somewhere.

If this is really the case and Granny is still in charge, does this mean she is the one grooming our Smart and Sharp Robert Persaud, MBA for the next president of Guyana? Some theorise the new cabinet is a Freedom House creation and Janet Jagan is just clearing the way for Mr. MBA to take the helm in 2011 and she is the one who pushed many of the old guards (like Moses whom she could not control) out of the PPP/C.

Still others, like Peeping Tom, maintain that this Cabinet is a clear indication that Jagdeo is moving out on his own and getting rid of those old geezers (including Nagamootoo and Granny), which would mean that Mr. MBA is actually a Jagdeo protégé.

What do you think? Who is running the country? Is Nagamootoo out because he threatens Jagdeo or because Granny cannot control him? If we interviewed people on the street and asked who they thought was in charge in Guyana, I would venture to guess that the responses would include various names in the upper echelons of Freedom House, but no one would know for sure.

Today I am full of questions and do not have one single answer.

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